Special Events for May!

During these difficult times we have done our best to keep as much activity going as we can, coming up with new ideas and activities to keep your loved ones as happy as we possibly can. Our staff has been face timing families, we have been calling families so you can speak to them on the phone, we have been working on our vegetable gardens which have been growing tremendously and we look forward to seeing our veggies soon! We’ve been having fun doing our social distancing with kickball and ball toss games and on good sunshine days we go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Of course we can’t forget their love for bingo which we have added some exciting jackpot bonus games all while practicing our social distancing! May 4th we will be celebrating Star Wars Day with a Yoda Soda party and our grape light sabers so may the force be with us!!! We will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo on May 5th with a piñata hitting game and a musical sombrero game. We hope to get our staff to join in on that fun!

Also to show our support to families that have lost loved ones to this Covid-19 we have been sending letter and cards out to hospitals in hope that these families and victims can find some hope and peace and just know that they are not alone and Kingsland Hills Care Center family is here for them.

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