Special Events

Before we go into September I’d like to share a few photos of our memories we’ve made here at Kingsland Hills Care Center. For the month of September we will be celebrating some important days. We have Mental Health Workers Week, our NFL season will be starting ,we have Grandparents Day on the 8th, Teddy Bear Day (who could say no to a fluffy friend)? International Chocolate Day, Crème Filled Donuts Day, YUM! National Rehab Awareness Week, eat an apple day, World Alzheimer Day, and hooray for fall, Autumn Begins the 23rd and what a better way to celebrate that than with warm apple pies baked by our residents themselves! And the list goes on so please if you would like to come volunteer a day or come do an activity with your loved one we would be more than happy to have you join us! Pictured: American Summer Chef Select meal

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