New Paintings

June 30, 2019 — We want to say thank you to Lea Kenney for the artwork that she painted and donated to our facility. The residents and staff really appreciate and enjoy it!

Success Story: Mr. Raymond S.

June 30, 2019 — When Mr. S. was admitted to Kingsland Hills Care Center on April 15, 2019, he was unable to move his lower extremities, sit on the side of his bed, and required total assistance. After two months of therapy he can walk one hundred and fifty feet with assistance of a walker and complete daily activities... Read More

Letter from the Activity Director

June 30, 2019 — I want to thank all our volunteers who come in and make things possible for our residents! We have an amazing volunteer who comes in 3 times a week for our Bingo sessions and we all love her. She comes in to help me with our monthly birthday celebrations and she is always a phone... Read More

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

June 30, 2019 — Happy Birthday! Bryan F. Marshall O. Jeannine A. Charlie M. Douglas S. J.B H. Wallace M. Welcome We would like to send a Texas warm welcome to all our new residents and their families and hope they enjoy their stay as much as we enjoy having them here with us!

Special Events

June 30, 2019 — We have a lot of newly added activities for the month of July! I have added a lot of cooking and baking, as well as I am finishing up a Wheel of Fortune Wheel which I am sure will be a big hit. I have added some chair yoga and relaxation as well as some... Read More

Birthday Cakes!

June 30, 2019 — As Activity Director I also plan to make all our residents Birthday cakes and goodies homemade! Please see pics below of all the ice cream cakes I made them! I did a Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake, an Oreo Ice Cream Cake, a Reeces Pieces Ice Cream Cake and the big sheet cake is a Chocolate... Read More

Safeguard Your Skin

June 3, 2019 — The harshness of summer can take its toll on our skin’s condition. Use these simple tips to safeguard your skin on the inside and outside of your body. Inside: Drink water steadily throughout the day. In hot weather, you’ll need more water as your body will use additional water to regulate your body temperature. If... Read More

June 27- Sunglasses Day

June 3, 2019 — In the summer months, we pull out our sunglasses to protect our eyes from those harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. However, sunglasses didn’t begin their life to protect us from UV rays. Early “sunglasses” were nothing more than polished gems. Nero, a Roman emperor, watched gladiator fights through these gems. Early models of sunglasses can be... Read More

Short Term Success Story: Mr. F.

June 3, 2019 — Mr. F. was admitted to Kingsland Hills Care Center on 4/5/19. He needed assistance due to decreased ability for activities for daily living and functional mobility. He worked with Physical Therapy on his gait, balance and strength, and Speech Therapy with cognition. Mr. F. is now able to walk all over the facility with his... Read More

Happy Birthday!

June 3, 2019 — Benjamin B. Tana J. Roy G. Lannis H. Kenneth M. Wishing You All A Happy And Blessed Birthday!!