September is Healthy Aging Month: Easy Tips to Aging Gracefully

August 30, 2020 — Eating a nutritious diet is an essential component in healthy aging. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and fiber can help provide your body the fuel it needs. If you have problems with unsteadiness in walking due to aging, ask your doctor about applying for a handicap placard. This will allow you to park... Read More

Aye! It’s Talk Like Yer a Pirate Day!

August 30, 2020 — National Talk Like a Pirate Day was dreamed up in 1995 when two friends playing racquetball slipped into pirate talk to entertain themselves while playing a bad game. They realized that the pirate lingo had made the time fly by quickly even though they were struggling, and before long they decided to share the fun... Read More

Short-Term Success Stories

August 30, 2020 — Nell E. has been a long term resident at Kingsland Hills Care Center and in June began Occupational Therapy. She wanted to work on her transfers, standing, upper and lower body strengths to improve her overall independence. In June she was unable to stand, had difficulty transferring, required minimal assistance with all grooming and hygiene... Read More

Restoration of Family Visitations

August 12, 2020 — To our Families, As you may know by now, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission announced last week that nursing facilities like ours, may be allowed soon to restore visitation of families with our residents. There are still many preparations that we need to take in order for you to visit with your loved... Read More

Happy Birthday!

August 3, 2020 — Residents Eura D. William F. Kathryn R. Gail T. M.T. W.  

Relaxation is the Key to Healthy Life

August 3, 2020 — Relaxation Day is August 15. While studies show eating a healthy diet and exercise may reduce stress levels, relaxation is also needed to recharge us mentally and emotionally. When stress becomes overwhelming there are quick relaxation techniques you can do almost anywhere to make you feel better almost immediately. Try it out: Stretch out on... Read More

Short-Term Success Story

August 3, 2020 — Dorothy M. admitted to KHCC on 7/1/2020 from home due to falls and decreased strength and mobility. She received PT/OT/ST services while at KHCC and upon admission was requiring moderate assistance with transfers, toileting, bathing and dressing. She initially was walking 10 feet with stand by assistance with a 2 wheeled walker and requiring stand... Read More

July is Anti-Boredom Month

July 3, 2020 — Although many of us have spent the last couple months inside doing puzzles, coloring, and reading due to local shelter-in-place directives, July’s midday summer heat may continue to keep many of us cooling off inside. With so much time inside, some of us may be experiencing moments of boredom, but the good news is that... Read More

Short-Term Success Stories

July 3, 2020 — Jack S. is a long term resident that was picked up on therapy services during this COVID pandemic due to an overall decline and weight loss. Initially, he presented with difficulty attending to an exercise program or following simple commands due to his dementia. After several weeks of a routine including the exercise bike, weights,... Read More

Coping with Stress

June 2, 2020 — For many seniors across the country, the ongoing healthcare pandemic may be causing significant stress and anxiety. However, the first step in coping with these overwhelming and sometimes debilitating emotions is to recognize symptoms of stress, which may include one or more of the following:  Fatigue Difficulty falling asleep Hot flashes or chills Shortness of... Read More