Letter from the Activity Director

I want to thank all our volunteers who come in and make things possible for our residents! We have an amazing volunteer who comes in 3 times a week for our Bingo sessions and we all love her. She comes in to help me with our monthly birthday celebrations and she is always a phone call way! So a huge thank you Joanne!

One of the most important goals I had set when I knew I was getting this position was to bring more church in our building because a lot of our residents have grown up on church services and they never forget the Bible or the hymns they have sung for years! I have been very fortunate to have met some amazing pastors who are volunteering their time to make this happen for our facility and I just want everyone to know how much it is TRULY appreciated! It really takes a very special person to volunteer their time and I have found a lot of very special people! Also if you would be interested in volunteering please feel free to call our facility or stop on by! We always love to see new faces!

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